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DC Universe Online is coming to PS5

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Game news DC Universe Online is coming to PS5

Available since January 11, 2011, the MMO DC Universe Online has started celebrating its tenth anniversary. To mark the occasion, various bonuses are offered in game, but it is especially the open letter of Landon Falls, producer, which interests us today.

On the official website of the game, we find in fact a recent publication, written by the producer of DC Universe Online. In the latter, he warmly thanks the players for their support, and all the more so after the past year.

Looking back, we’ve had an amazing 10 years, and it’s thanks to the passion of everyone involved – our players, our developers, our partners and, yes, our community that never lets us rest. , and always pushes us to be better and do more. (…) In those 10 years, we’ve launched DCUO on FIVE different platforms, released 39 episodes, over 100 updates, and continually pushed the boundaries to improve our content, systems, art, stories and our technology in a way no one else would and we could not have imagined 2011. I want to position ourselves so that we can continue this trend for another 10 years.

Further on, he mentions the content to come and indicates that the next episode is well underway and that its different aspects begin to be brought together. But above all, he announces that a version specific to the PS5 of the game will arrive during the year with the ambition to take advantage of the new technologies offered. Finally, around June, the teams will work to improve the title for newcomers and returning players.

DC Universe Online is coming to PS5DC Universe Online is coming to PS5


Many gifts can also be picked up by January 31. These include a Character Advance to upgrade to CR290, two emotes, two special emblems, the Paradox Gazer companion, and le style Restored Shim’Tar Regalia. In addition to all this, subscribers can enjoy a 20% discount on items in the shop, unlock a Chroma Neon Anti Matter Pack, 220 000 XP d’artefact, a cache of artifacts, a bundle of catalyst, a metal detector and four seals of Preservation.

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