Crusader Kings III: Coming to consoles soon?

Crusader Kings III: Coming to Consoles Soon?

Released on September 1, Crusader Kings 3 is the latest strategy game released by Paradox Interactive. The title allows in particular to preside over the destiny of different factions, to manage the entourage, to fight, but also to ensure the descent.

Offering an infinite number of scenarios and possible intrigues, the Crusader Kings III is a true generator of unlikely dynastic stories to be told between players. Thanks to its immediate integration into the PC Game Pass, many players have tried their hand at the title and discovered its game mechanics. If some were put off by the complexity and the multiple elements to manage, Crusader Kings III is a success. sold over a million copies who now awaits Royal Court, its first extension. But it looks like the title is about to venture into new kingdoms, those of consoles.

According to Gematsu, which relays a publication from the Taiwanese game classification body, Crusader Kings III is now due on PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One at an unknown date. If Paradox confirms this information, it you will have to adapt the grip to the controllers, which is a real challenge for all titles based on their interface the opening of many tabs. However, players who love the keyboard-mouse combo should be able to connect their equipment to the consoles, these being compatible with many peripherals.

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