CoD Warzone: Trick lets you unlock Three new Weapons before release

CoD Warzone: Trick lets you unlock Three new Weapons before release

The Call of Duty: Warzone weapon arsenal will soon be expanded to include three additional opinion boosters. Besides the Sykov-Pistols also come that RAAL LMG and the CX-9 SMG in the game. Or they are already in the game because it is already possible to use them now under certain circumstances.

How to unlock Sykov, CX-9 and RAAL

Use now: In the Spec Ops Survival mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which was released in 2019, you can already use the weapons and even level them. However, only in offline mode – i.e. in survival matches against AI bots.

Alternatively, you might just be lucky: This shows the Reddit user RestlessGoats or ModernWarzone on Twitter, who got the Sykov or CX-9 in a plunder match from Modern Warfare or in Warzone by pure chance from a weapon drop.

Weapon challenges already available: And even if the weapons themselves have still not been officially released in Warzone, you can also unlock them now via weapon challenges.

Then you have immediate access to them as soon as they finally appear or – as already described above – you can use them offline in survival matches against bots and even level them. For each of the cannons you have to do a different task:

  • Sykov Pistols: Kill four opponents with pistols in five matches.
  • SMG CX-9: Get two longshot kills with an SMG in five matches.
  • RAAL MG: Kill five opponents in seven matches with an LMG and the Scout Optic.

Guns can do that

Videos of the weapons in use have been appearing more and more on the Internet since December 2020. The game’s community already expects the new additions to be extremely powerful for your arsenal. By the way, gameplay of the three weapons leaked back in December.

Sykov Pistols

The Sykov is a pistol with a magazine that holds 27 rounds. You can also do them fully automatically using attachments or increase your ball supply to 80. It could also be that you can use two of these at the same time.

The Reddit user Ricoz_90 explains in a comment that was able to achieve almost 200 upvotes within a day that the weapon could cause a lot of frustration.

“Fully automatic, 27 rounds. Possibly Akimbo. I can already hear the groans.”


The CX-9 is based on the Scorpion which is already known from other Call-of-Duty titles. The standard is equipped with a 32-round magazine that you can increase to 42 bullets.


The RAAL machine gun uses a .338 Norma Mag with 100 rounds. Depending on the attachment, however, this value changes to 50 or 150 shots.

Will the guns come with Season 2?

When exactly the weapons land in the game as normal is currently unknown. The players currently assume that this will happen with the start of Season 2. But that is not guaranteed. We will provide more details no later than February 24, 2021 experienced. Because then the next big batch of content should appear.

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