COD Warzone, Season 2 Black Ops Guide: Operator Song Missions

COD Warzone, Season 2 Black Ops Guide: Operator Song Missions

A new season has just appeared on Call of Duty: Warzone, the opportunity to look in more detail on the operator challenges that compose it. Here, it is precisely that of Song, accessible at level 90 that we will be interested.

A ton of Skins

If you’ve never done one before, the principle of skin missions is pretty straightforward. Each time you unlock one in the Battle Pass, there are challenges that will grant you between two and four new skin styles!

  • Eliminate 5 Enemies near Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are the best way to create panic among enemy ranks by hiding your position. This is what we are asking you in this challenge which requires you to kill 5 enemies that are near your own smoke grenades.

  • Do 25 kills with a Weapon with at least 5 accessories

The first stage of this challenge will take place in the armory where you will have to choose your weapon. Once you collect it in-game, all you have to do is do the 25 kills that are requested so you can enjoy your new Skirmish style.

  • Get 3 kills while sitting in an Aerial Vehicle

Earlier in the Operator Challenges, we had to deal with an objective that asked you to do kills in a vehicle, but this time it will be a bit more complicated, because the vehicle in which you will be seated must be of the aerial type and not the terrestrial one!

  • Eliminate three Enemies 5 times without dying

For this last challenge, we’re going to have to prove our ability to shine, even when you’re in a shorthanded situation. Kill 3 enemies 5 times without dying to unlock the latest style available for Song, Jeju.

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