CoD: Warzone players find XP glitch in King Kong’s Crown Jewels

CoD: Warzone players find XP glitch in King Kong’s Crown Jewels


Recently, King Kong and Godzilla have joined Call of Duty: Warzon as part of the Operation Monarch event. In this event, players will battle each other as usual, but with the added challenge of not being trampled to death by Kong or decimated by Godzilla’s atomic breath.

In theory, the new Warzone event sounds like it could be fun. However, it is not entirely free of criticism. Just last week, streamer Nickmercs described the event as “terrible” since “King Kong and Godzilla don’t even fight”.

DrDisrespect echoed the conclusion: “This Warzone event is 2/10”. It may not be the clash of titans players were hoping for. Nevertheless, the event is giving some players joy – albeit unintentionally. Because the playerbase has found a way – and I’m not kidding – to turn King Kong’s Crown Jewels into XP.

XP through King Kong

Reddit user Mundoschristmas found out that you can get XP for “tickling” Kong’s scrotum. You can find that childish, which it is. Or you can rate it as a curious way to get some quick experience points. All you have to do is jump in the helicopter and start farming XP.

If you fly to Kong’s abdomen in a helicopter, you can use some simple attacks. Then the rain of points begins. The King Kong character model in Warzone does not have any genitals because its anatomy is undefined. But you have to fly to where the scrotum would normally be.

However, it should be said that executing this XP glitch is not easy. Because King Kong is also able to get you out of heaven. It takes a lot of practice to perform the maneuver. The Operation Monarch event ends on May 25th. So if you want to dust off a few more experience points, you don’t have much time left.

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