COD Warzone has a skin that makes you invisible at long distances

COD Warzone has a skin that makes you invisible at long distances

COD Warzone presents a skin variant for Francis that makes him an “invisible” character at long distances.

One of the most remarkable features of COD Warzone is the possibility of customizing the user’s operator with different variants that come from other installments of the saga, such as COD Modern Warfare (2019), COD Black Ops Cold War (2020) the COD Vanguard (2021).

These are usually cosmetic changes with some minor weapon modifications, however a new skin looks like it broke the rules and became an entry to the game. Pay-to-Win for the Battle Royale of Activision.

COD Warzone: Francis’ Awoken variant brings an edge to his players

It turns out that players who get the “Awoken” variant for Francis’ operator in COD Warzone, wearing a tribal mask and gear, they get a advantage hidden and totally unfair for online gameplay that breaks the balance of the video game: the ability to be invisible at long distances.

The Awoken skin for Francis is unlocked at Level 100 of the Battle Pass, making it an entry to the Pay-to-Win within COD Warzone, for now, unconscious on the part of its developers, Raven Software, but a huge problem for users who will lose games unfairly due to the inability to recognize players who use Francis with Awoken.

It is likely that Activision release an update and fix the issue with this skin, however we don’t know when this will happen. Right now, the company is going through several complaints of harassment and mistreatment, in addition to changes in the personnel of its developers, such as Raven Software, which lost all the employees in charge of quality control, perhaps the reason why the broken skin of Francis arrived at COD Warzone.

On the other hand, it is important to know that this is not the first time an outfit with problems has been inserted: previously, Roze’s skin was difficult to detect in the eyes of users, and it took months to find a solution with patches.

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