COD Warzone, Black Ops Season 2 Guide: Operator Portnova Missions

COD Warzone, Black Ops Season 2 Guide: Operator Portnova Missions

Every start of the season, it’s also an opportunity to stock up on Skins and for that nothing better in Call of Duty: Warzone than to take a look at the operator challenges. Here we will focus on those of Portnova unlocked from level 50.

A ton of Skins

If you’ve never done one before, the principle of skin missions is pretty straightforward. Each time you unlock one in the Battle Pass, there are challenges that will grant you between two and four new skin styles!

  • Kill 10 enemies near a Decoy Grenade

For this first challenge, things could be a bit complicated. Indeed, the purpose of a decoy grenade is to make the enemy believe in danger. However, you will have to do a kill after it and your enemies will be ready to welcome you.

  • Eliminate 5 enemies revealed by your drone or spy plane

Information is the sinews of war in many games like Warzone. Moreover, for this second challenge which will allow you to unlock the Sylvotherapy style, you are asked to kill an enemy that you have previously revealed.

  • Destroy 5 enemy combat enhancements with the Spy or Observer perk

Combat buffs can be a big advantage in your games. This is why we are asking you here to destroy 5 of them. Just don’t forget to equip yourself with the Espionage or Observer perk before starting your games.

  • Do 15 pistol kills

As has already been said, pistols are the basic weapon of an FPS and yet are generally shunned. Nevertheless, here, you will have to do at least 15 kills using this gun if you want to unlock the latest style of Portnova this season, Militia.

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