COD Warzone, Black Ops Season 2 Guide: Operator Hunter Missions

COD Warzone, Black Ops Season 2 Guide: Operator Hunter Missions

Let’s continue our guide of the various operator missions that have just appeared for the season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone. Here, we are more particularly interested in that of Hunter which is available from level 10.

A ton of Skins

If you’ve never done one before, the principle of skin missions is pretty straightforward. Each time you unlock one in the Battle Pass, there are challenges that will grant you between two and four new skin styles!

  • Get 25 kills with a tactical rifle

For this first challenge, you shouldn’t struggle too much. Indeed, tactical rifles are generally very popular weapons among players. because of the fact that they are extremely versatile and therefore useful in any situation you will encounter.

  • Eliminate 5 enemies blinded by your flash grenades

For this second challenge, which will allow you to unlock the Outpost Guard style, things will get a little more complicated knowing that you have to eliminate enemies blinded by flash grenades, but that in addition you must make sure that they are indeed yours!

  • Get 15 kills with the Ballistic Protection or Minesweeper perk

Here, again nothing very complicated. Go through the armory before entering the game and simply equip the Ballistic Protection or Minesweeper asset then start in part where you will only have to do 15 kills.

  • Make 5 kills with elimination streaks or points

For this last challenge, we return to the series of points or eliminations that will allow you to unlock powerful weapons with which you will have to do at least 5 kills. As a reward, you will receive the Infantry style of the skin.

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