CoD Warzone 2 to be released soon, all the information and rumors

CoD Warzone 2 to be released soon, all the information and rumors

As early as next year we can play Call of Duty: Warzone 2 if the current rumors turn out to be true. And behind the still unconfirmed information are well-known and mostly very well-informed insiders like Jason Schreier, Tom Henderson and CharlieIntel. We round up what they have to say about the successor.

Please note, however, that this is unofficial information that publisher Activision has not yet commented on. Of course, schedules and content are subject to change before release.

That’s what insiders say about CoD Warzone 2

When should CoD Warzone 2 appear?

Bloomberg-Journalist Jason Schreier limits the release period of Warzone 2 to the year 2023. He does not name a specific date – and that is probably not even fixed internally.

Incidentally, a new Call of Duty, developed by Treyarch, is also scheduled to appear in the same year. Apparently, even after the takeover by Microsoft, Activision will not say goodbye to the annual rhythm for the time being. That would be a huge opportunity, says CoD expert Phil.

How should Warzone 2 differ from its predecessor?

According to industry insider Tom Henderson, it should be a completely new game in which no weapons, skins or the like from CoD Warzone are taken over. So you should be prepared for new maps and new equipment.

CharlieIntel also suspects that Warzone 2 will be completely detached from Modern Warfare (2019) and will provide better graphics and technology, among other things. The previous framework is simply too outdated.

What platforms will Warzone 2 be released on?

This information also comes from Henderson: Warzone 2 is said to be a pure current-gen title. So only appear on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S and bring the corresponding technical advances.

Owners of the Sony console should not be excluded despite Activision’s takeover by Microsoft. Accordingly, we can certainly expect crossplay between the consoles and the PC again. Most likely, the anti-cheat ricochet will be used again, with which Warzone has already had success.

What happens to Warzone then?

It is currently not known whether Warzone will continue to run parallel to Warzone 2 for a while. Most likely, the servers will not be shut down directly, but will continue to run – after all, the multiplayer modes of old CoD games are still available.

We suspect Warzone will simply stop getting new seasons when Warzone 2 comes out. As soon as we have information about this, we will of course let you know immediately.

What do you think of a Warzone 2? Would you resent losing your weapons and load-outs, or do you long for a fresh start? Let us know in the comments!

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