COD Mobile: Five tips to become a Call of Duty shooter Pro

COD Mobile: Five tips to become a Call of Duty shooter Pro

COD Mobile is one of the most popular shooters on mobile devices, and in Globe Live Media we leave you five tips to become a Call of Duty pro on Android and iOS. Read more here!

In the world of video games there is a wide variety of shooter video games for mobile devices, either from Free Fire to the mobile version of Fortnite. However, one of the most popular is the Call of Duty Mobile, that is why if you like this game in Globe Live Media we give you five tips for you to be a Pro Shooter in COD Mobile.

The four finger game

Playing four fingers is one of the most important tools if you want to significantly improve as a player. What people normally do is pick up the device with all their supporting fingers and using just their thumbs. The four-finger grip involves holding it with your thumb and ring finger so you can play with your index and middle fingers.

Although it can be uncomfortable at first, this type of grip is very useful when playing, since you will improve mobility in combination with aiming. There are even some professionals who opt for the six-finger grip.

Optimize your score streak

achieve a chain of point streaks in COD Mobile it is a difficult task, at least if our advantages are all high. For this reason it is advisable to carry low point streaks, such as the UAV or the hunter drone, this allows you to have streaks more often than with the high ones. In addition, it will be important to have advantages that we do not have to control, such as the Dragonfire and VTOL, since we will lose time while handling them.

Study the maps

This seems like obvious advice but many Players, especially rookies, are overlooked. Understanding the maps will be very useful, since we will be able to adapt our set of weapons and score streaks based on it. In case you don’t know the map, a submachine gun It is always a good alternative that does not disappoint in any way.

Some necessary settings

Regarding the configurations, there are two that stand out above the others, in addition to using the advanced mode Clear. One of them is the camera field of view, which comes by default with a sensitivity of 60, so it will be important to maximize that field to 75, since it will allow us to better see what surrounds us. The second setting is the sensibility, which is recommended to keep low and gradually increase it as you gain more control.

Watch your steps

Listening is an important section in COD, since it serves to detect the enemy’s position, as well as to expose our location. To avoid this, we only have to walk instead of run, this prevents noise from being heard. If you have activated the option “always sprint”, we will have to move pointing in case we do not want to be heard.

These were the five technical tips for you to improve and become a COD Mobile Pro Shooter. Tell us if you are implementing them and how it turned out for you.

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