CoD Cold War: Player achieves Prestige without killing an Opponent

CoD Cold War: Player achieves Prestige without killing an Opponent

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A Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War player has reached Prestige Rank 1 after 37 hours of play – without scoring a single kill.

Actually, Black Ops: Cold War is pretty much everything about getting as many kills as possible and all the less dying. A Call of Duty fan has come up with a different tactic for the latest part of the shooter series: Achieve prestige without taking a single kill.

Pacifist in Call of Duty and still prestige

Pilgore1 shared his achievement on Reddit. Here you can read that the Cold War player reached the first prestige rank after about 37 hours and thereby on one impressive K / D ratio of zero looks back. Of course, his statistics do not include any preferred weapons, as he did not use any for real kills.

How Pilgore1 achieved Prestige in Black Ops: Cold War without a single kill is explained by the Call of Duty player in the comments below his post. He reports that while playing, he simply focused on completing objectives and clearing the sky of other players’ kill rewards.

For this purpose, Pilgore used the three different LMGs available in Cold War with attachments that cause additional vehicle damage and on rocket launchers with a lock-on function. For the perks he relied on Engineer and Cold Blooded to better identify enemy scorestreaks and not be recognized by AI-controlled ones.

Pilgore1 also commented on the reasons for playing Black Ops: Cold War 37 hours without killing them and thus achieving prestige: “For fun” he writes under his Reddit post. He himself is a patient person, he states in the comments. And for his patience, he is now earning the respect of Call of Duty fans on the online platform.

Pacifism in other video games

Playing video games without killing or even injuring opponents is a trend that can be observed and followed again and again – be it for more recent or older titles. Of course, it gets particularly exciting when games don’t really give you the opportunity to spare your opponents.

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