CoD Black Ops Cold War: World record ruined by server crash

CoD Black Ops Cold War: World record ruined by server crash

Call of Duty

A popular Call of Duty streamer recently had a potentially record breaking run that was ruined by a mistake. While most of us have lost a few hours to glitches or crashes, hardly any of us have suffered as much bad luck as Noah.

Streamer Noah has run a six-hour run in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies and is doing very well.

208 laps

With an incredible display of dexterity and zombie slaying, there was nothing to stop NoahJ456 as he stormed in the 208th round of his solo run. However, there is actually something that could stop him, namely a server crash.

The tragedy happened when Noah was just hitting wave 208 in a solo run in zombie mode. After nearly six hours of gameplay, he was well on his way to being the first to hit round 256 (the last round you can get before the game stops counting) and exfiltrate safely.


Not long after reading a viewer’s chat message about losing a Zombies game to server problems, Noah’s game stalled, followed by a black screen that eventually brought up an error message with a grimly funny name: Zebra 112 Vicious Stallion.

Those who have tried the new Zombies mode in Cold War know how absurdly difficult it is to get through the first 20 rounds with friends, let alone make it to 200 all by yourself.

After days of only spending the zombies mode (he hasn’t touched the campaign or multiplayer yet), Noah had found an even map rotation that allowed him to eliminate the zombies from a safe place.

Below you can see the last 20 minutes of his six-hour stream:

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