COD Black Ops Cold War & Warzone: Season 2 Leak - New Content discovered

COD Black Ops Cold War & Warzone: Season 2 Leak – New Content discovered

Treyarch is preparing the start of Season 2 for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone: The new season is expected to be activated at the end of February. Players can most likely look forward to additional free content for the first person shooter. In addition to new maps, other game modes and weapons could also come into play. The dataminer “TailsDoll553” reports on his Twitter channel of new weapons that he claims to have already discovered in the game files. According to the information, four new Wummen could be available at the start of – or during – Season 2.

According to the leak, information on the two melee weapons e-tool and machete can already be found in the source code. In addition, there are also the AI-LC10 submachine gun and the NTW-20 sniper rifle. The latter could come into play with an update in the middle of Season 2, as the Dataminer suspects. The sniper rifle is said to be available in the in-game shop via the Jackpot Sniper Bundle. The NTW-20 deals a high level of damage and immediately sweeps players off the screen when a headshot or chest hit occurs. The e-tool, on the other hand, is a folding shovel that should be just as effective as a close combat weapon as an additional weapon. To unlock the shovel, three opponents must apparently be killed with a knife in three matches.

According to Dataminer, the machete comes into play with a strong steel blade. For the activation you have to put down a kill with a knife while your character is injured – in three matches. The Dataminer has not yet discovered any specific information about the SMG AI-LC10. However, the complete weapon model should already be in the game files. As soon as we get more info on new content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (buy now € 53.99) you can find out about it as usual on our website. Recently, there has been constant speculation about whether Warzone could get a new map for its first anniversary – the Battle Royale shooter celebrates its one year anniversary in March.

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