CoD 2021: Because of Warzone, the reveal will again take place late

CoD 2021: Because of Warzone, the reveal will again take place late

CoD 2021 is supposed to play in World War II – but because of Warzone the announcement is still going on.

There has been no announcement of the next Call of Duty so far – and that will probably not change anytime soon. The reason for this lies in Call of Duty: Warzone, which Activision wants to pay full attention to right now and in the next few weeks.

Where is Call of Duty headed this year? There have been many rumors and alleged leaks recently. We summarize them for you here:

At least this is what Activision President and Call of Duty boss Robert Kostich has to say in an interview with Venturebeat. There will be no early announcement of the next series part.

Reveal probably like Black Ops: Cold War

In the past, most Call of Dutys were announced in April or May of the respective year – until Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War came and wasn’t introduced within Warzone until the end of August 2020.

A plan that Activision is probably pursuing this year as well. At least this is what Kostich suggests when asked how the announcement of the next series part stands:

“As you’ve seen over the last year, we’ve done some cool things to bring the Black Ops reveal into Warzone. Those are the things we’re orchestrating and bringing our community to use within their Call of Duty experience themselves discover.”

Focus on Warzone: The publisher is currently also concentrating on Season 3 of Warzone, in which, among other things, the Verdansk map has been thoroughly revised. The focus at the moment is simply on the 100 million player battle royale.

The unveiling of the next Call of Dutys will therefore take place later than usual, but that is all “part of a larger plan to take the community with us,” said Kostich.

CoD Warzone: Season 3 - Action-packed trailer introduces new map Verdansk '84

CoD Warzone: Season 3 – Action-packed trailer introduces new map Verdansk ’84

In the interview, Kostich leaves open whether this means that CoD will also become part of Warzone at some point in 2021. However, two different universes have already been combined within the game series and there will be enough opportunities in the future to establish a kind of “Call of Duty Metaverse”.

Warzone as a game offers the developers the opportunity to make changes at any time, which can be added permanently or only for a limited time. The shooter does not stop at any scenario changes, as currently Verdansk ’84 shows:

CoD Warzone: What you need to know about Verdansk ’84

What does that mean for the future? Even if Call of Duty: Warzone is becoming more and more the focus of Activision, the publisher does not want to do without the annual new series offshoots any more than it does with Call of Duty: Mobile. On the contrary: All development studios are currently expanding in order to develop the brand even more.

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