Chrissy brings Enies Lobby’s Nico Robin to life with her stunning One Piece cosplay

Chrissy brings Enies Lobby’s Nico Robin to life with her stunning One Piece cosplay

Over twenty-five years have passed since the One Piece manga began to be published, and Eiichiro Oda has managed to tell a very interesting story in all that time, with much more to tell. One of the fan favorite story arcs of A play is that of Enies Lobby, as evidenced by the cosplay of Nico Robin who made the talent Chrissy.

Chrissy is a One Piece fan who has undoubtedly consumed Eiichiro Oda’s anime and manga for a long time, because although she hasn’t been in the cosplay scene for long, she has transformed into various characters. in this work. Of the cosplays Chrissy has done, my favorite is Nico Robin because he looks like Enies Lobby, which I think might just be the best One Piece story arc.

In fact, Chrissy has barely been cosplaying for six months and posting them on her social media, showing off around 30 different costumes over the past 6 months. Chrissy has actually been very active and surprisingly most of her cosplays have been of One Piece characters, Nico Robin in the Enies Lobby look being just one more.

Throughout the One Piece anime and manga, we’ve seen Nico Robin in several different outfits, though his design has changed a lot after the two-year time jump. After that jump, we saw the design which has become more popular in recent years, but many fans still prefer the original Nico Robin design, especially the one we saw in the Water 7 arc and Enies Lobby.

It was in early November that we saw Chrissy in her Nico Robin cosplay with the outfit she uses in the Enies Lobby arc, posting three photos that let us imagine a live-action version of this beloved One character. Piece. In her description, Chrissy said that the Enies Lobby arc is better than any other One Piece arc, which I totally agree with.

If you liked the Nico Robin cosplay inspired by the Enies Lobby arc, I recommend you take a look at Chrissy’s profile, as she has brought several One Piece characters to life, including the most popular ones, at once. the Hat Straw and other crews. In addition to Nico Robin, we recently shared Chrissy’s excellent Boa Hancock cosplay, her newest to date.

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