China wants to prevent young gamers from playing at night using 'Face recognition'

China wants to prevent young gamers from playing at night using ‘Face recognition’

Video games are basically aimed at a broad target group – even very young players are among them. Chinese video game titan Tencent is now looking to introduce facial recognition technology to discourage young gamers from playing between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.!

“Midnight Control”

The technology called “midnight control” is intended to reinforce China’s 2019 ban while preventing players from using certain “tricks” to bypass the ban. Currently, players must register with their official government-issued IDs in order to play.

As expected, however, children used their parents’ ID to bypass the rules. As a result, the new facial recognition controls will now require users to scan their faces after a lengthy gaming session. It is unlikely that the respective end device has a camera. Because the games that are considered the goal of the software are mainly mobile games like Honor of Kings and Game for Peace.

It should not be a secret that this technology is not exactly new. In fact, Tencent has been developing the software since 2018 – almost three years. But now that it’s nearing completion, it’s going to be implemented in 60 of its games!


Although the World Health Organization recognized “gambling addiction” in 2018, the late night restrictions are not necessarily related to it. As the news service BBC writes, gaming is generally accused of having a negative impact on younger people.

This is nothing new either – but action should now be taken. As a result, all video games released in China must be approved by a regulatory agency in order to get a grip on the problem.

Brent Dubin
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