The first crossover event for Goddess of Victory: Nikke is available now, starting February 22, 2023. Dubbed “Chainsaw x Bullet”, it stands out for bringing three playable chainsaw man characters at the nod list. If you’re thinking of starting or logging into the game to get your hands on Special Division 4 members, we’ve got a quick guide to the event, characters, and some tips on why and whether to spend valuable resources. gacha. on the chainsaw man characters Power, Makima and Himeno in the first place.

How to access the Nikke x Chainsaw Men crossover event

All you have to do is load the game. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to go through the tutorial sequence and a few intro moves before jumping into the game itself. Once this has passed, you will start seeing a daily login reward message for “Chainsaw x Bullet”. You will also see a banner under the “Campaign” menu button. Clicking it will load a special campaign map with nodes for the event store, missions, story quests, login stamps (this is separate from the login campaign, so be sure to open it once). times a day) and cooperative mode. “Coordinated Operation”. The latter opens on February 24, 2023, so players cannot yet access it as of this writing.

The Chainsaw Man x Nikke event card.

What to do with Progress in Bullet x Chainsaw

To progress through the event, you will need to complete story stages. Each day you will receive five “stamina” points. Points are consumed each time you run an event step. You can buy more from the Gem Shop, but it’s not recommended unless you’ve missed a few days and need to make up for it. Event rewards are generally balanced so that players who use all of their stamina in the event earn enough points to redeem most shop goodies. This is especially true if you have a Nikke event bonus on your roster.

The Chainsaw x Bullet event bonus units are:

  • chainsaw man units (Makima, Power and Himeno)
  • Accountants team members (Rapi, Anis and Neon)
  • Alicia
  • Yan
  • dona
  • Pepper

Try to have a few of these units on your team each time you play an event stage. However, don’t sacrifice your team cohesion just because of this, so you won’t be able to complete the fight. Your bonuses add up to a maximum of 100%, doubling the amount of “Unknown Data” currency you receive.

Finally, there is the coordinated operation. This is a cooperative matchmaking mode similar to the normal “Wildcat Engine” mode. Players can team up in a squad, either with random players or members of their Union, to defeat a powerful boss. Each player will control one member of a team. Progress earns Broken Core currency, which can be exchanged for various gifts. The Coordinated Operation opens on February 24, 2023, and all stages will unlock on March 12, 2023.


How to get makima and power in the Nikke x Chainsaw Men crossover event

Unfortunately for free players, Makima and Power are part of the featured gacha banner for the event. Each has a separate currently active limited draft banner. As featured characters on their respective banners, they each have a 2% chance, in addition to the standard 4% SSR unit drop rate on the banner itself. For example, from any roll on the Power banner, players have a 4% chance to drop any SSR unit and a 2% chance to It is unity is power.

Ultimately, whether you get them will depend on your luck in the gacha. Ride wisely and don’t overdo it. Keep in mind that the featured banners are good places for Pilgrim units if you have gems or tickets to spare. This is because featured banners remove the chance for all other SSR units to drop except the pilgrims and the eminent personage. Thus, pilgrims are more likely to end up on a given scroll than they usually are on the standard banner.

Should I cast Makima and Power?

Feel free to do so, if you really want to. However, a cursory analysis of Power and Makima as nod Units show that they are a bit on the niche side of the game’s current top rankings.

Makima’s skill set is geared towards “tanking”, causing enemies to attack him. Unfortunately, at the moment, tanking characters in nod they’re less effective than they were designed to be, as they struggle to survive all the damage they take from taunting all those enemies. Makima has a unique effect, “Indomitable”, which activates once per battle, when she takes lethal damage (excluding certain instant boss attacks). While under the effect of Indomitable, Makima cannot be killed for a short time, and her abilities gain additional effects, such as a healing rush when she attacks. This might be enough to strengthen her in a situation that would melt another tank character (like Ludmilla), but the effect only triggers once per battle, meaning longer fights will make Makima as vulnerable as ever. any other tank. However, shorter fights in PVP battles seem to be more suited to his abilities, so he might shine there.

If you must throw for one of chainsaw man units, I would recommend a new player roll for Power over Makima. Power is a single target damage dealer capable of dealing bonus area damage as his abilities can extend the area of ​​effect of his rockets. She stacks a unique effect, “Blood Fiend”, which enhances her abilities and can double her explosion damage. Being only the third Burst III SSR Launcher character in the game so far (after Vesti and Laplace), it looks like Power could be right there with them when it comes to boss killing.

Finally, remember that Power and Makima are limited rarity units. This means that they won’t be added to the general recruitment pool after their banners are deactivated, so there will be no way to get them using normal recruitment tickets.

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where i receive chainsaw manis Himeno in nod?

Himeno is a free unit during the event, and players can recruit it simply by participating. You will need three copies of Himeno to max out his level cap at 160 (the high end for SR units). The first copy can be obtained through the event login stamp campaign. Himeno is the Day 3 reward. The second copy can be acquired by completing all missions on normal difficulty. This applies to both “phases” of the event story, so this copy can only be obtained after March 1, when story phase 2 is unlocked. The third and final copy of Himeno can be obtained by beating the Hard difficulty story missions.

As for how Himeno fare in battle, she’s a little hampered by the lower base stats of an SR rarity unit, compared to popular Burst II units. However, his abilities complement Sniper-based teams well. It reduces enemy defense when attacking at full charge, something snipers should do almost all the time. It also improves the attack and ammo capacity of other snipers. Finally, his Burst ability, Ghost, greatly improves the charge attack damage and critical rate of the party member with the highest attack stat. This is usually a Burst III damage dealer like Scarlet, Rapi, or Power. In fact, Himeno’s Burst seems tailor-made to benefit Launcher or Sniper units using Burst III. These include Power, Vesti, Laplace, Harran, Alice, Helm, Eulha and Maxwell.

He Nikke x Chainsaw Men The crossover event will take place from February 22, 2023 to March 15, 2023. The game is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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