Certain Affinity (Halo Infinite) is working on its own License

Certain Affinity (Halo Infinite) is working on its own License

Support studio helping in particular in the development of the Halo series since 2006, Certain Affinity no longer just helps. Now, the studio is also working on the development of its own license.

The latter will remain very mysterious at the moment, and we can easily imagine that we will have no concrete information before the current projects, among which is a certain Halo Infinite, did not come out. In a communication on the official site from the studio, the team says:

Today, we are delighted to reveal that we are leading the development of a new license! Are we excited to be launching into a genre and style of play we’ve always loved? Delighted beyond belief! Are we honored to bring this game to market? It’s indescribable! Are there any other tantalizing details about this new one? More than we can say about it! And we mean it literally: the details of this new game are still VERY secret. All we can say for now is that this ambitious new project is the culmination of our goals of steadily and healthily developing a world-class team, in order to create original intellectual property.

We have been working on this project for a few years. We are delighted to have signed an agreement to lead the development of our most ambitious title to date. This game matches our creative direction and our team is extremely passionate, added Max Hoberman

Currently, Certain Affinity has a studio in Austin, opened in 2006, and a newer, located in Toronto. The two entities currently employ 250 people and continue to hire in order to work on the four ongoing projects. As a reminder, Certain Affinity, which has notably worked on World of Tanks and Call of Duty, has been called in for reinforcement by 343 Industries in December 2019 to aid in the development of Halo Infinite.

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