Capcom does not rule out reviving some of its old IPs

Capcom does not rule out reviving some of its old IPs

There are many people who are attracted to nostalgia, “what used to be” usually attracts a lot of attention and not only to the most veteran players, but also to the new generations. It is because of that Capcom has dropped that some of your IPs that are now in a paused state, may return to our consoles.

Although it is true that great sagas such as Resident Evil continue to provide extraordinary benefits both in its new installments and in the remakes of the first games, there are others that have been completely left out. Without going any further we have Lost Planet, a delivery that we could enjoy on Xbox 360 and that captivated the hearts of many people.

Capcom does not close the door to its old IPs

This information has been given in a new Q&A event where Capcom has made it quite clear that they will listen to customers to continue developing their IPs, whether they are new, deliveries for existing ones such as the aforementioned Lost Planet or even remakes. . something that opens the door a great variety that will please all players.

We are making plans keeping in mind the market demand. We continue to consider the wishes of our customers to continue designing our games and their starting line.

In addition to this news, do not forget that a while ago, Capcom announced Pragmata. Your new IP that has your launch window for the year 2023. We have to wait a bit to see how they will surprise us with this new installment, we will be attentive to bring you all the possible information. In case you don’t know what it’s about, here’s its trailer so you can whet your appetite.

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