The big season 4 update for Call of Duty: Warzone is here, the starting signal for the new content has been given. With the patch, the developers made map changes, introduced the dirt bikes and started a new time-limited game mode.

The highlights of the innovations also included the armored trucks, with which you can now make the battlefield unsafe. However, the test drive is over for now: As Raven Software reports on Twitter, the developers first had to remove the armored trucks from the battle royale shooter.

“We have pushed an update for Warzone, which removes the Armored Trucks,” write the developers about the short message service.

Raven also gives a reason: Since the start of Season 4, players had reported that some opponents were invisible on the battlefields – the invisibility bug was back. Raven Software adds that it has updated the entries on the Trello Board.

At what point in time the armored trucks will finally return to Warzone is not clear from the information. The armored vehicles could be spotted at the new satellite crash sites that have spawned on Verdansk since the Season 4 update.

In the Trello Board, the developers also point out possible game crashes in connection with QBZ blueprints. Therefore, you should refrain from using blueprints such as Smoke Valley, Death Metal and Soul Survivor until further notice.

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