Call of Duty Warzone 2: Unlimited Gas is over!  Learn how vehicles work

Call of Duty Warzone 2: Unlimited Gas is over! Learn how vehicles work

It would also seem that on Warzone 2 times are tough. Once unlimited, gasoline will now become a somewhat scarcer resource. We invite you here to see how it will now work in your games. We will also discuss the repair system.

The end of unlimited fuel

In Warzone, the first of the name, you didn’t have to worry too much about fuel. Indeed, it was simply unlimited and you could walk around as you pleased. This was not the case on all Battle Royales.

In Fortnite, for example, cars and other vehicles have needed to be refueled after a while for a while. Well it seems like the developers found this system interesting, to the point of adding it to Call of Duty Warzone 2!

Indeed, now all vehicles (even electric) need to go through one of the service stations scattered on the map to replenish from time to time. In addition to these stations, you will also be able to find gasoline jerrycans. If these do not allow a complete full, they help out anyway!

Repair your vehicles after the fight

But if gas stations appeared on the map, it’s not just so you can refuel. Indeed, it happens that during your adventures you are targeted during your travels in the vehicle and that the latter take damage.

Well, the good news, is that it will be possible to have them repaired and as you can imagine, you will have to go to these famous gas stations for that. They are therefore likely to become quite interesting and coveted points of Al Mazrah.

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