• One of the directors of Call Of Duty pointed out that they want to be as popular as soccer and Liga MX as the most important event in Mexico

The brand manager at Activision Mobile for Call of Duty: Mobile in Mexico, Oscar Salas, assured this Saturday that eSports in the country should aspire to surpass Liga MX, the Mexican soccer championship.

“La Liga MX is the most watched sporting event in Mexico. In eSports, it should be our aspiration to compete with something as big as that,” the executive explained to Efe.

In this country, soccer is the most popular sport according to the latest survey by the firm Consulta Mitofsky published in 2021.

According to the report, football has 55.3% of preferences, boxing is in second place with 42% and baseball is in third place with 34.4%; eSports do not appear in the list.

“We must learn from Liga MX that there is no eSports without generating tribes of fans, it is something we have to do. When we watch sports we must generate fans, generate going to a team because it represents you, something that has nothing to do with the game. We must give space to stories”, added Salas, one of the leaders of Call of Duty: Mobile, which has more than 650 million users.

The manager trusted that next year the mobile version of Call of Duty will have a Mexican League in which the best teams add points to go to the World Cup.

“eSport is a marketing tool that generates expectation for the user and is also a way to make the community find itself. It generates long-term loyalty. It strengthens the fan base that we have, rather than generating new ones.”

Currently, the scene of this video game has a ‘World Championship’, a kind of World Cup in which teams from all over the world face each other.

“We believe that eSports are relevant for the future of us as a brand, but they are not our objective now since we first want to reach the cell phones of those who did not know about us, did not consider us, believed that the game was too heavy for their cell phone. ”, Salas sentenced.

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