Build your fashion brand in Fashion Dreamer

Build your fashion brand in Fashion Dreamer

XSEED Games, the publishing arm of Marvelous USA, Inc. showed off their new game during the latest Nintendo Direct Fashion Dreamer coming exclusively for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console in America this year 2023.

Fashion Dreamer takes players into the virtual world of Eve, where fashion fantasies come true and anyone can become a trendsetter. Fashion Dreamer is a very creative game where players can express their unique style using their avatars called Muse.

Players can create their own “couture” for their Muse choosing from thousands of available options to customize a look unique to their style. Once you’ve found your unique style, wear it in new costumes on your own runway to turn heads and take your career to the next level.

Check out the new trailer for this enticing proposition here:

Enjoy an asynchronous multiplayer system in a world inhabited by Muses of players around the world to find inspiration or earn Likes for your most iconic outfits.

Create your own costumes, launch your Muse into virtual space to show off and become everyone’s inspiration. Impress your fashion show attendees and win their preference as fashion influencers. Send “Likes” to get new items to the Muses that impress you the most and let them know that their fashion not only marks them, but everyone who sees and recommends them.

When designing clothes and accessories, the sky is the limit. Customize over 1,400 collectibles with your favorite style and the right colors for a unique look. Use your internet connection to send your Muse to other worlds where you can buy outfits from other Muses or find inspiration for your next outfit. Anyone’s creations can become the next international sensation.

Developed by syn Sophia, Inc. and published by XSEED Games for the Nintendo Switch in the Americas, Fashion Dreamer will be released this year. The game does not yet have a set price or rating (from the ESRB) but that information will be revealed soon.

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