My partner and I have been together for almost seven years and during that time we have played many games together. One thing we’ve never done, however, is reunite a few woodland creatures with their parents, but now that we’ve played Casus Ludi’s beautifully crafted indie Blanc, that’s no longer the case. In Blanc, two players (either in local co-op or online) must work together to guide a lost cub and deer home through some pretty harsh weather.

During our game, I took control of the deer, leaving my partner with the wolf. At first, we had fun running in the snow, drawing patterns with our little feet and sometimes crossing paths. But then we decided to take things a little more seriously when we realized we had to use our individual strengths to help the lost creatures return home.

distance makes the heart grow

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When you play as the deer, you have height on your side. The deer can not only jump to higher surfaces than the wolf, but can also become a stepping stone by crouching down for the pup to bridge the gap between him and the next platform. The fawn is also slightly stronger than the wolf, allowing it to push objects with its head, which comes in handy when you need to open doors or move things around. As for the wolf, this little guy has a knack for tugging at things with his teeth and using his razor-sharp canines to break the ropes that keep our cuddly feet duo from progressing through the level. It is also much smaller than the lanky fawn, which means it has no problem getting into small, otherwise inaccessible places.

To my delight, deer and wolf are not the only animals we encounter on our journey. There are a few occasions when we come face to face with other creatures, but I’ll keep one of them a secret so as not to spoil the surprise. About an hour into our game, we come across a family of ducks. There’s a mother duck and three ducklings trying to make the perilous journey through the snowy landscape to their new home, just like us.

Immediately after seeing the little birds, I turn to my partner and tell him that we have to help them, not knowing at all that this is exactly what we are supposed to do. It takes us a few minutes to figure out how to help the ducklings, but eventually we realize that they need us to protect them from the strong winds to return to their mother, due to their small size. After a few tries we managed to escort the ducklings across the narrow ledge and were immensely proud of ourselves once we did. We finally see the whole family warm and safe in their new home, which is reward enough for our efforts.

run with the wolves

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Working together through the trials and tribulations of the flocks of ducks was made even easier by Blanc’s soothing soundtrack and beautiful visuals. It’s hard not to be wowed by the stunning monochrome world and soothing music, especially when you have two little creatures playing what could be a children’s storybook right in front of you. However, it’s not all ducklings and snowflakes, Blanc also has a number of sentimental moments that make your gaming experience even more memorable.

I wish we had more time with our little wolf and fawn friends. It’s great to have a game you can sit down and play together in one night, especially when it’s under £15/$15, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bitter when I finished White. It felt like it was over before it started. I would have liked to spend more time with the couple and have the opportunity to solve more puzzles.

The fact that I wish the baby wolf and deer didn’t come home so soon should go to show how much I enjoyed playing this game. If you’re looking for something to play with your partner around Valentine’s Day (aka the Blanc release date, February 14), or with your friends and family in the future, Casus Ludi’s Adventure is a great adventure to try. . Blanc takes you on a memorable little journey that will encourage you to test your teamwork skills as you try to find your way home.

White is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for other hidden gems to play, check out our next indie games list, as well as our best cooperative games list.

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