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If it had taken a year after the release of the PlayStation 4 to see a white model appear, Sony has not yet communicated on an alternative color of its latest machine. While waiting for a possible announcement from the manufacturer, third-party brands offer solutions to pimp his console, while protecting themselves from possible lawsuits. Panthaa sums it all up in the first daily of the day.

Released two months ago, the PlayStation 5 is still hard to come by at a reasonable price. On the other hand, offers to personalize it in black are multiplying on the Internet. Shortly after the console’s release, the Platestation site (now called Customize My Plates) offered black panels for sale to replace the white ones on the PS5. A business that had cut short because of legal pressure from Sony. Threats that did not frighten CMP Shells which offers a similar product.

Better than the originals

Panthaa indicates that CMP Shells has put on sale black plates, to be installed on the console. He specifies that the team behind these panels has already had to deal with pressure from the manufacturer, but that they are now better prepared. On their website, the company explains that the patent for these plates is pending and that, during this time, sales are guaranteed. In addition, she specifies that no design has been copied to design these plates, especially as they improve the performance of the console, especially in terms of ventilation.

If CMP Shells and PlateStation have tried to seize the custom panel market for the PlayStation 5, alternatives exist to own a console in a different color. At the beginning of January, SUP3R5 had marketed PS5 in the colors of the PS2: the company had been forced to cancel the 304 orders made due, among other things, to scalpers. In addition, Decor Evolve offers since Monday personalized cases for the DualSense, the controller of the PlayStation 5.

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