Black Myth: Wukong debuts New Gameplay Trailer for Chinese New Year

Black Myth: Wukong debuts New Gameplay Trailer for Chinese New Year

On the occasion of the approaching Chinese New Year, the developer Game Science released a new gameplay trailer, Black Myth: Wukong. Find out what is new in this note!

Black Myth: Wukong, the action RPG that surprised last year with its graphic quality in the first trailer, released a new trailer to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It is not yet known exactly when it will be available to enjoy it, but in this preview we can see a little of its playability. It is inspired by the literary work Journey to the West. The story centers on a monk who travels to India to retrieve some sacred texts with some companions, such as the monkey Sun Wukong, which is the protagonist of the video game.

The video presented by its developer, Game Science, again surprises with its striking photorealism. It gives us a glimpse of the environments, enemies and context in which this adventure will take place. In it, the main character battles a fire-breathing two-headed humanoid rat in an arid climate environment. In clear nod to the festival of the Asian country, you can see how at the end what would be a minotaur appears with the phrase “Be strong as an ox”. This animal is the one that identifies the year to begin.

It is also hinted that we will be allowed to change shape for different uses. For example, it can turn into something like a walking rock to withstand the onslaught of bow attacks or split into three rodents that launch a bolt of electricity simultaneously. According to the writing that narrates the original plot, this is one of the abilities that it possesses Sun Wukong along with others such as making your own clones, controlling the weather, manipulating a cloud or skill in combat.

According to the frequently asked questions on the official site of Game Science, Black Myth: Wukong, it can be purchased on PC and consoles, including the ability to play it through the cloud. Also, they do not rule out the option of DLCs and assure that the launch of the title “will not take 500 years”, but that they pretend to be really satisfied before it. And as if that were not enough, they confess that they plan to create more deliveries of the product.

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