Steam’s hit survival game Core Keeper now comes with improved visuals, a ton of new features like playable instruments and better customization, and a few nods to Zelda, especially Ocarina of Time, thanks to a new Core Keeper update which also adds something sweet. seasonal content just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Core Keeper’s “Quality of Love” update begins by dramatically improving sandbox play with improved shadows and lighting. Particular attention has been paid to underground areas, with more realistic light sources, better shadow diffusion and new light-emitting surfaces.

The soft neons and bright oranges that define the game’s visuals now bounce off the screen more believable, casting deeper and more varied shadows. Developer Pugstorm has also created a new rendering pipeline to make Core Keeper look better than ever. You can see the new version of the game in the following video.

There are also new permanent features to bolster Core Keeper’s character customization and make your precious downtime in the dungeon crawler more peaceful and satisfying than ever. Along with new hairstyles and clothing colors, and the added option to use multiple gear presets, you can now access the “Magic Mirror” to customize your Core Keeper character whenever you want.

On top of that, Core Keeper goes a bit Zelda through the introduction of playable instruments including a cello, flute, harp, and Link’s most famous mainstay, an ocarina. You can create your own musical instruments and play with friends to create your own underground orchestra. Collect sheet music from across the game and combine them with your house music makers to keep things smooth and melodic between missions.

But this is the Quality of Love update, so it wouldn’t be complete without seasonal Valentine’s Day content. From February 8 to 28, you can collect love letters around the Core Keeper and use a new themed workbench to craft Valentine-style clothes.

A new weapon, Cupid’s Bow, lets you incapacitate enemies with the overwhelming power of love: hit them with an arrow and they’ll stop attacking you. There are also Valentine’s Day-themed decorative items like candles and a heart-shaped rug, and even a one-of-a-kind ring you can gift to your favorite caver friend. The Core Keeper Quality of Love update will launch on February 8.

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