Ubisoft announced that some cheaters Rainbow Six Siege soon they will have more trouble, thanks to a new system antitrampas It will come in the next game update.

As with most competitive online multiplayer games, the tactical shooter has had a constant problem with cheaters since its launch in 2015.

Over the years, Ubisoft has implemented various anti-cheat measures in Rainbow Six Siege and other titles in its catalog, with varying degrees of success.

Gaming companies have come up with many ways to defeat cheaters, which usually involves the wave banning of reported accounts. However, it is not really effective to simply ban cheaters, as many people will simply create a new account and leave.

Some anti-cheat tactics have been more creative, like Call of Duty: Vanguard, which made other players invisible to cheaters, or EA, which patented a system that ignored 20% of button presses from cheaters.

Now Ubisoft has revealed another nifty anti-cheat system called Mousetrap, which will be officially implemented in Rainbow Six Siege with the Y8S1.2 update. Specifically, Mousetrap detects console cheaters who spoof input, or in other words, use a third-party widget or device that allows them to play with a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller.

Obviously, against people using controllers, these peripherals offer an unfair advantage, such as more precise aiming, improved reaction time, and increased sensitivity. Some of these devices also add other rewards, such as aim assist and auto-reload.

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