Because of racism – Twitch streamer Ninja wants to remove anonymity on the Internet

Because of racism – Twitch streamer Ninja wants to remove anonymity on the Internet

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Tyler Belvins, also known as “Ninja”, is the most popular streamer on Twitch with nearly 17 million followers. He is known for playing Fortnite and as such has attracted a large following of young fans.

In a new extensive interview with the New York Times, Blevins was asked about the behavior of young people in his Twitch chat and specifically whether he felt he could mitigate bad behavior.

The streamer argued that it was up to the parents, and not him, to raise the children who made racist and sexual comments during his streams.

Racist statements by children

“Your information and data is valuable and should remain private, but it sucks that there are children who say racist things and can be incredibly aggressive and threatening towards women online and not have to face any consequences,” he said.

“It would be great if someone said something threatening and then you could find out who exactly that was through Gamer Day, and finally tell the parents what their child is doing online,” he continued.

Parents are responsible

He added, “But it all boils down to parenting. Do you want to know what your child really is like? Then listen to him when he is playing video games and doesn’t know that you are listening to him. (…) ”

“The first thing on my mind is, this kid is doing this on purpose to troll me. If someone says a racist slur on someone else’s stream, it may result in that streamer being banned. It’s horrible, but that’s the first thing I think about, ”Ninja explained.

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