Because of Corona – 2020 brought 20% new gamers worldwide

Because of Corona – 2020 brought 20% new gamers worldwide

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COVID-19 pandemic

2020 certainly had its ups and downs, with more lows than highs, but a study done by GamblersPick late last year sheds light on some pretty interesting insights when it comes to video games during COVID -19 pandemic goes.

The study dealt in particular with the topic of console upgrades, which essentially concern the next generation of consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


The study surveyed over 1,000 current-gen console owners to find out what they thought of next-gen consoles and the reasons for choosing whether or not to upgrade their current console.

The survey yielded the following results:

More than one in five bought their first game console during the COVID-19 pandemic, of which the PlayStation was the most popular. That makes 20% new gamers created by COVID-19.

Almost 44% of gamers say they have played video games more often since the pandemic began, with Xbox users being the most likely to say they play more often.

72% of gamers feel pressured to own the latest game console, with PlayStation owners most likely to feel pressured.

33% of gamers plan to upgrade to PlayStation 5 and 17% to Xbox Series X.

Around 10% are planning to upgrade to a PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch

Gamers put under pressure

The 72% of gamers who feel pressured into owning the latest generation of consoles are a little unsettling. Unfortunately, the fear of missing out is a real problem that is made worse by the many highlight reels posted on social media.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders and releases on day one just added to the madness with the disastrous online buying processes that have been and are still going on.

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