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Battlefield 6: Insider talks about number of Players, Setting & More

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Similar to Battlefield 3 & 4, Battlefield 6 probably relies on a modern setting again. Similar to Battlefield 3 & 4, Battlefield 6 probably relies on a modern setting again.

In the past few months there have been repeated leaks and rumors about the upcoming multiplayer shooter Battlefield 6. Industry insider Tom Henderson is responsible for much of the previously known information.

On his YouTube channel TheLongSensation he has now published a new video in which he talks about old and new rumors and also reveals some initial details about the shooter. We summarize the most important key points in this article.

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The insider’s statements at a glance

Henderson mentions at the beginning of his video that many of the rumors that have been making the rounds on Reddit and Twitter over the past few months are believed to be largely inaccurate. He compared this with his contacts. Therefore, he now provides an overview with all the information that his sources could confirm.

Who is the leaker?

Tom Henderson is better known under the pseudonym LongSensationYT and has a proven track record of inside sources in the developer community. He gained notoriety among CoD fans because he correctly predicted the name and setting of Modern Warfare and had predicted a Free2Play Battle Royale release long before the release of Warzone. Nevertheless, his statements should always be treated with caution.

1. Titel & Soft-Reboot

We call the game Battlefield 6, but supposedly the final name should not be decided yet. According to the insider, Battlefield 6 will be a soft reboot of the series, similar to what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare did in late 2019. Therefore it is possible that the game will simply be called Battlefield.

2. Number of players

Last summer we reported that Battlefield was in certain Game modes up to 128 players simultaneously Space on his cards – this information was already provided by Henderson. The assumption was underpinned by EA boss Wilson and studio manager Miele, both of whom repeatedly emphasized the “unprecedented extent” of BF6.

Battlefield 6 with twice as many players?


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Battlefield 6 with twice as many players?

Now the insider reveals more details: On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, console gamers have to be content with the game modes in 32vs32 format, which should still be available.

Besides, it should Graphics downgrades and less detailed destruction compared to the current-gen and PC versions. An external studio is said to be working on the LastGen port so that Dice can concentrate on the full version.

3. Setting

Henderson sticks to his statement, which he made back in May 2020: Battlefield 6 should definitely a modern setting again offer, similar to Battlefield 3 – because the new game should be based on this in many ways. Henderson does not reveal what he means by this in detail. It is simply too early for information about weapons, maps or the like.

You can read in our report why war scenarios like those in the Battlefield games are so popular:

The digital world war


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The digital world war

4. Battlefield 3 Remaster

In mid-2020 there were rumors that there was a remaster of Battlefield 3 could give, which should then supposedly appear parallel to Battlefield 6. The insider has now issued a clear rejection of these speculations: It makes no sense for EA to publish two Battlefield games in a very similar setting at the same time.

For comparison, he names the synchronized launch of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. This was profitable for Activision because the future and modern military scenarios could address two different groups of buyers. Henderson also denies the rumors that the next Battlefield will be Bad Company 3.

5. Battle-Royale-Modus

The insider claims to know that one Battle Royale mode for Battlefield 6 was in development – However, he cannot answer whether this has been discontinued or is still a topic. According to his sources, EA was very impressed with the success of Call of Duty: Warzone, which is why they are now determined to bring a competing product onto the market.

If the publisher sticks to this plan, it would be conceivable for Henderson that the mode will only be delivered after the release of the game – as with Warzone. The first attempt by the Battlefield brand in the genre had crashed in 2019 with Firestorm. One of the things to blame was the sales model behind the Battlefield 5 paywall. Firestorm, on the other hand, was playful:

BF Firestorm: what makes this battle royale special?

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BF Firestorm: what makes this battle royale special?

6. Release-Datum

Henderson says that the release of Battlefield 6 is currently still nine to ten months away be. In November 2020, EA spoke of the first play tests that were positively received by fans.

EA officially stated at the release period that the game would be released for the “Holiday Season” 2021. This holiday season starts in the US in November after Halloween – so nine to ten months could be there.


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