Back 4 Blood adds the long-awaited offline campaign, holiday content, more cards and many fixes in this week’s update

Back 4 Blood recharges your batteries with an update that incorporates important features and content such as the long-awaited offline campaign, cards, Christmas themes and more.

Back 4 Blood continues to add content to its frenetic zombie multiplayer proposal with a monthly update that arrives loaded with content that refreshes the options of this outstanding title somewhat.

In an extensive publication, the development team has shared the patch notes that will arrive in Spain on December 16 in the afternoon and that we leave you here. These are the main additions that are added to Back 4 Blood .

To begin with, one of the most requested features will be added, the presence of an offline campaign that shows progression and can be played without resorting to being connected to a network.

We also found a Christmas event in which decorations, skins and camouflages have been added. Apart from this we find the following:

  • New supply lines: presence of street vendors         
  • Added a limited time hint that provides new unlocks for spending supply points      
  • New type of card: burned cards. This type of card can be played in each Safe Room for temporary effects like instant heal, currency boosts, increased resistances, and more. 
  • New Cards: Belt Clip: Increase Quickslot Inventory by 1 – Utility Belt: Increase Quickslot Inventory by 2. -10% Damage Dealt – Tool Belts: Increase Equipment Quick Slots Inventory by 1      

Apart from all this, lots of corrections and balances have been made in weapons, skills, cards and much more that represent, as a whole, an improvement in the game experience and that solves some of the problems and bugs that the game treasured .

It is satisfying to see how the game continues to add content, although, in case you have not been able to enjoy it, do not hesitate to take a look at our analysis of Back 4 Blood, the so-called heir to Leaft 4 Dead .

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