As is customary on our website, we return once again with work inspired by the beloved manga and anime series, Dragon Ball Superthis time it’s a great fan art from the talented artist @elite_nappa that he gave us to the beauties Kale and Kaulifla in lingerie.

In fandom, there are different ways to show appreciation for the various intellectual properties that populate the entertainment media, among which cosplay stands out a lot, but also fan art, which are artistic drawings that fans make to pay tribute to their favorite characters.

Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most beloved intellectual properties of all time by fans, since its popularity is undeniable, as evidenced by the thousands of tributes we see on and off the internet by artists and fans who embody their favorite characters in all areas. types of fan art, even non-canonically, like the fan art which you will see below.

The talented @elite_nappa gave us a possibly never-before-seen version of the mighty Saiyans of Universe 6, this is an image that shows Kale and Kaulifla in lingerie, where Kaulifla can be seen in black lace lingerie in same time as Kale wears a similar one but in white.

As is customary with the work of the good @elite_nappa, the result is simply brilliant, since it allows us to see Kale and Kaulifla as we have not seen them before and allows us to appreciate their formidable curves, which at sure every Dragon Ball anime and manga fan will enjoy.

Don’t forget to go through the artist’s networks in order to be able to leave him a well-deserved like on Instagram as well as on Twitter, moreover we advise you to become his follower if you don’t want to miss any of his works. ‘coming .

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