Avenge humanity in the hit RPG, The Last Spell, out March 8

Avenge humanity in the hit RPG, The Last Spell, out March 8

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer Ishtar Games today announced the full release of the hit tactical RPG The Last Spellwhich will challenge all strategists to face the battle for the future of humanity March 9 on Steam, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles.

The new trailer delves into the unpredictable excitement of the diabolical fight of The last spell. Highlighting the endless and rich variety of options available to players as they engage in intense combat against swarms of enemies. Unlockable upgrades, omens granting buffs and multiple difficulties allow players to tailor their own strategies and experiences as they lead a random band of warriors attempting to defend humanity’s last stronghold, “The Havens”. . Discover the brutal battles and different phases that await you, and find out how defeat is never the end in today’s new trailer.

The Last Spell combines turn-based combat, procedurally developed enemy flanks and caches with different equipment, insanely large enemy armies reminiscent of the games musoo and elements of roguelite to offer a different and highly replayable challenge. The most promising defenders of ‘Refuge’ will learn to overcome the inconvenience and brute force of the hordes of relentless beasts, learning new skills and immersing themselves in different strategies through tense combat intensified by a catchy progressive metal soundtrack. . Survive the brutal and virtuous assault of The Last Spell It will be nothing short of a miracle, but with ingenuity equal to the might of its defenders, humanity’s last “Refuge” may still endure.

Launch an almighty preemptive strike against the evil mobs of The Last Spell put the game on your Steam wishlist by entering the battlefield through Early Access. Do not lose sight of the constant threats of The Last Spell visit the Ishtar Games Discord and follow @TheArcadeCrew and @ishtar_games on Twitter.

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