If you are looking for advice on the atomic heart, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the game.

Atomic Heart is a shooting game in which you don’t have to behave like in other games of this genre. The game can be difficult and does not forgive mistakes. If we add that not all mechanics are explained transparently, then the gameplay can become even more difficult. In this guide, however, we have prepared some tips and tricks for you to survive the whole game.

Exploration in Atomic Heart – tips and tricks

scan frequently

In the world of Atomic Heart, there are many hidden things, many drawers to rummage through and many doors to open. To see them all, you’ll need to scan often. Do it even if you think you’ve already taken it all. You can often find hidden drawers that are hard to see. If an object is highlighted in blue, it means it contains something(unless you have a technical problem, which has happened to us several times). Swiping is also useful for spotting enemies. Beware of orange spots.

look for the color yellow

If you see yellow color on walls and pipes, probably means you can climb there. Such paths will lead you further into the location or to some kind of chest with resources. Either way, they are worth following.

gather all you can

Resources are the basis of your character development. Without them, you won’t get very far in the game. Therefore, it is worth collecting everything. he can hold the interact button longer to collect everything automatically. This is very useful, especially when you want to get everything out of a drawer or cupboard.

It’s also worth rescanning the area once the looting is complete. If something is still blue, it means you can still get something from there.

Avoid the cameras, but not always

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Cameras are dangerous. They are not a threat in themselves, but will alarm nearby robots. Of course, it can also be an opportunity. Defeated opponents will give you resources.. At the start of the game, there is nothing to stand in the way of farming for resources.

However, in the later stages of the game, this tactic becomes much more dangerous.. When the world opens up, an infinite number of enemies can appear, so if the camera alerts them, you can die quickly.

These little spies can be easily stunned with electricity and then destroyed. However, remember that in the open world they will be repaired over time (like any mechanical construction). Then you can wait for them to fix the robots and their farming equipment.

Don’t forget you have a reserve

nora (the device for creating items and developing characters) has a hiding place This is where all the elements you found but you have no inventory space to go. You can also move things manually. It will help you keep order in your pockets.

Game does not save on exit

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Unfortunately, the atomic heart does not have autosave when turned off. You can only do this at specific locations. Learn more here: How to save at Atomic Heart.

Development in Atomic Heart – tips and tricks

character development

You should definitely develop Shok first . This is an extremely useful ability that allows you to defeat enemies with electricity. This works especially well against bots. The enemies you will have to fight with for most of the game. Has an additional effect – temporarily stops most opponents even if they charge you It also gives you a moment to attack them with a melee weapon.

Don’t forget the Character section. Here you will increase your health and stamina.. get extra dodge the charge It’s a good idea. Never too many of them. If you use energy weapons, you will surely also benefit from the Energy management.

Remember to plan your character development in advance. so as not to waste resources unnecessarily. Luckily, upon entering the open world you can change your skills freely – the Neuropolymers will be returned to you.

Thawing is effective, but not very useful.

Frostbite is a very good combat skill.. Allows you to freeze opponents. So a heavy attack with a melee weapon should rip them apart. This is a particularly effective tactic against organic creatures. Unfortunately, you won’t get any resources for this.. Therefore, you should treat it as a last resort.

Combat in Atomic Heart – tips and tricks

Opponents have weaknesses.

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If you hold the longest scanner pointer on enemy, you will see a description of its weak points. Use it to choose the right tactic.

Be on the move at all times

Being on the move and constantly running after your the opponent’s back is almost always the best way to avoid most damage. Don’t forget to dodge too.

save the bullets

This tip mainly concerns the first part of the game, but you should also keep it in mind later. It is not worth shooting all opponents. The early hours of the game feature enemies that should be easy to take down with melee weapons. Bullets will be useful against tougher opponents. They can also be valuable against larger groups.

Remember that you can create ammo yourself. in Nora (a machine that looks like a refrigerator, in which you can also improve the character) after obtaining the appropriate schematics.

Use the terrain to your advantage

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If you have the chance, use the terrain to defend yourself.. It’s always worth going higher (chests or ceilings). You will be able to defeat opponents from a distance with energy weapons and special abilities.

Energy weapons are useful.

To save ammo, it is worth using energy weapons on weaker opponents and cameras. It consumes a lot of energy, but it renews itself over time. You can speed this up in the Power management tab in character development.

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The Mundfish studio behind Atomic Heart is a Russian company based in Cyprus. The team consists of programmers and other specialists from different parts of the world. More information on Atomic Heart’s controversial release date, as well as the unclear links between Mundfish and the institutions that indirectly fund the Russian government’s budget, can be found here.

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