Arma 3: Hardcore shooter gets huge co-op campaign in Vietnam

Arma 3: Hardcore shooter gets huge co-op campaign in Vietnam

In Arma 3: SOG Prairie Fire you visit Vietnam.

Arma 3 will soon get new content in the form of a Creator DLC. The game’s developers are working with modders to create these expansions.

The upcoming DLC ​​is called SOG Prairie Fire and sends you to Vietnam. We’ll tell you what’s inside and where it’s special.

This is in the DLC SOG Prairie Fire

The DLC is quite extensive and not only provides new equipment and vehicles, but also numerous missions and an entire campaign that takes place during the Vietnam War between 1955 and 1975:

  • A new area: Cam Lao Nam with a size of 300 km²
  • Buy Campaign: You can complete the completely sound campaign with up to 13 players in a cooperative manner.
  • 5 single player scenarios: There are five standalone solo missions.
  • 9 multiplayer scenarios: New MP scenarios for End Game, Warlords, Zeus and Escape modes.
  • 4 new factions: U.S. Army, Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN), and Viet Cong.
  • 55 additional items: Your arsenal will be expanded with the M16 and M14, among other things.
  • 54 new vehicles: There are many new vehicles like the M-41 tank and new helicopters like the UH-1C

Working with veterans: Savage Game Design, the team behind the expansion, also rely on realism for SOG Prairie Fire. In order for the campaign to accurately reflect the experiences of the soldiers in the Vietnam War, they worked with veterans of the US armed forces and with Vietnamese advisers.

You can get your first impressions of the expansion in the following screenshot gallery.

Arma 3: SOG Prairie Fire – View screenshots

When will the DLC be released?

So far there is no release date for SOG Prairie Fire. The developer is currently only giving that very roughly second quarter of 2021 on. On the other hand, a price has already been set. The Vietnam expansion should cost around 23 euros.


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