Arma 3 devs: stop using our game for fake news about Ukraine

Arma 3 devs: stop using our game for fake news about Ukraine

The war in Ukraine after the invasion of Russia has taken place in the age of the Internet and social networks, which means that information can arrive immediately and the spectrum to account for the conflict is wider than it ever was. However, the warfare also occurs in the face of the maelstrom of numbers and traffic on the Internet, which is why fake news is a phenomenon to consider, and in this case from its relationship with video games.

Bohemia Interactive, developers of Arma 3, went public with their disagreement with the use of footage from the shooter (via The Gamer ) to pass off as actual evidence of the war in Ukraine. According to the study, since the conflict began, they have detected that several videos that circulate on social networks in profiles or channels that are not verified or not recognized as news media use parts of the video game and announce them as proof of what is happening in the East of Europe.

According to the study, a portion of Arma 3 is taken, filtered to show blurry or hazy images, and then posted with outrageous headlines to attract traffic and interactions: “While it’s flattering that Arma 3 simulates conflicts of modern warfare in such a realistic way, we’re certainly not happy that it could be mistaken for real-life combat footage and used as war propaganda.”

Based on this, Bohemia Interactive shared a video to teach people to identify this type of material:

The Arma 3 studio prefers to deal with the media and the public than to report videos

On the other hand, Pavel Křižka, public relations manager of Bohemia Interactive, pointed out that reporting fake news that uses video of Arma 3 is a task that has not given results and pointed out that for every video that is downloaded there are 10 that are uploaded and they become very popular.

That said, the manager assured that this led the study to change the strategy and now they seek to approach the media and the public on social networks to demonstrate that what they are seeing in unverified or recognized accounts is false and originates from the video game and not in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

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