The classic TDM mode, long desired by the community, is coming soon to Apex Legends to celebrate its fourth anniversary.

Which game mode is more synonymous with “multiplayer FPS” than ” team deathmatch »? Round up your friends and knock out the newbie, that’s the only real thing. It’s almost like a real war, but with no deaths, a lot less people and super fun. Nothing like a real war, all of a sudden. But in short, whatever. East an iconic mode that was still missing from Apex Legends, despite repeated requests from the community. Well, the wait is over. The Respawn guys have confirmed thata real TDM mode would arrive on February 14. At the same time, Arena mode will be disabled.

Apex Legends: back to basics

Team Deathmatches will be a temporary game mode what will be played a 6v6. The first team to 30 kills wins a round. Win 2 rounds to win the bet. Simple, effective, classic.

Legend abilities, of course, will activate. At the start of each round, you can choose your team and start sharding again. Random airdrops will also occur throughout the game to spice things up.

Adapt to the constraints ofapex legends, Team Deathmatches will revert to maps from Arena Mode, which is being retired. During launch, Party Clash, Skull Town and Habitat will welcome you. New cards will come later.

Recycling sand is organic

TDM mode will be included automatically mix tape, a new Apex Legends system that will alternate between different special modes popular with players. There will also be control and military racing modes. More modes will join Mixtape in the future.

Team Deathmatches launched in Apex Legends February 14thwith Season 16 Parties. The Mixtape will be available 3 weeks later. We can try out the new class system and celebrate Apex’s fourth anniversary.

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