Apex Legends: Season 8 "Chaos" has a Release Date

Apex Legends: Season 8 “Chaos” has a Release Date

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Are you still enthusiastic about the battle royale shooter Apex Legends? If so, then you can look forward to February 2nd. Because on this day season 8 “Chaos” starts.

A new legend emerges

With Season 8, the new hero Fuse comes into play, who is an explosives expert. It is the 16th legend. With a new trailer, Respawn Fuse introduces you to its background story in more detail. In this we learn of a lifelong friendly rivalry with a nameless friend. The two slide a golden grenade towards each other to show who is currently “winning the war of friendship”. But when Fuse decides to take part in the Apex Games, his girlfriend apparently feels betrayed. A fight ensues in the course of which the golden grenade explodes and Fuse tears off his right arm. And so this mock rivalry turns into bitter seriousness.

In addition to the new legend, the map “King’s Canyon” will be revised again and a new weapon (the 30-30 repeater) will be introduced. There is also a new Battle Pass and more skins. The seventh season is currently still taking place. Until this ends, we can expect more details about the eighth. In Season 7, the focus is currently on the gravity-manipulating legend Horizon and you fight each other on the sky-high Olympus map.

So you can still have around two weeks in the current season of the battle royale shooter Apex Legends (buy now 35,43 €) fun before the new one starts on February 2nd. Are you looking forward to Season 8? Let us know in the comments.

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