Since the character was officially presented as one of the many that we will see in Resident Evil Village, there is one- although in reality there could be several- the one that stood out among the others. And yes, of course we are talking about Lady Dimitrescu, the tall vampire who has aroused terror and love in equal parts among players.

The most surprising thing about all this is that the popularity of Alcina Dimitrescu caught her creators by surprise at Capcom and thanked her by confirming her stature. But of course, many players don’t think it was a surprise, as the character’s design, charisma and vibe played a lot in their favor.

Now we have this cosplayer, Galina Zhukovskaya, who did several shots of the cosplay in mid-February, but with a new one two days ago.

The recreation is majestic and everything is traced to the silver suit, hat and pendant. Also, if you want another recreation, she has also done the final scene of the demo when Alcina bursts in and grabs Ethan.