Anno 1800: Update 9.3 for Download- These changes are in the Patch

Anno 1800: Update 9.3 for Download- These changes are in the Patch

Anno 1800 players will have access to Update 9.3. The approximately 4.5 gigabyte patch is available from the known download platforms.

The developers use their website to name the patch notes – and thus address the changes and innovations. The list of adjustments shows, for example, that the ornaments of the Cosmetic DLCs and Reiche Harvest can now also be used in the New World.

In the construction menu, on the other hand, you make a separate category for Twitch Drop ornaments after the update installation. In addition, the developers are reducing the number of notifications from investors when opening the world exhibition menu and scholars when opening the research institute.

In the list of “general bug fixes”, Blue Byte announces that with the Anno 1800 Update 9.3, all ornaments from the Ubisoft Connect rewards are now available in the game again. They also fixed a performance issue when building multiple buildings or ornaments. Individual optimizations are also pending for the quests. The quest “Paths to Knowledge and Wisdom”, which unlocks access to Kidusi Anitoni’s library, is now removed from the quest book if the player already has access to the library.

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In addition, the developers have installed a bug fix for the Family Matters 2 task by Beryl O’Mara. Note, however, that this does not apply retrospectively if the ship has already spawned. You can find more information about the new Anno 1800 Patch 9.3 on the website for the building game. Most recently, Blue Byte also presented the first tangible information about the DLCs of Anno 1800 Season 3.

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