Anno 1800: Update 12 fixes little things that have been annoying for two years

Anno 1800: Update 12 fixes little things that have been annoying for two years

Anno 1800 actually has an excellent soundtrack across the board. But in certain situations it can still be annoying at some point. And that is when a catastrophe breaks out somewhere again. This monotonous melody fulfills its purpose, but especially in the later course it can be quite exhausting.

And it’s obviously not just for us. Interestingly enough, the new Game Update 12 brings a little innovation that helps here. When the patch is deployed on August 31st, it will introduce a new option. This will allow players to deactivate disaster music in the future. What a relief!

Of course, this is only a very small part of the entire patch. Update 12 has a few more improvements. You can find the highlights here.

New content and features

Of course, Update 12 also provides the necessary support for the DLC Rooftops of the City, which is appearing at the same time. If you want to benefit from it, you have to buy the DLC or already have the Season Pass. You can find out whether the purchase is worthwhile in our test. Spoiler: This thing will keep you busy for a while.

But there are also some really exciting new features completely free of charge, albeit not as extensive as the statistics screen or the co-op mode at the time. They are rather nice additions:

  • Ship notifications: It is now possible to activate notifications when a ship has reached a destination in the same region.
  • Multi-Downgrade: No, that doesn’t make the graphics from Anno 1800 worse. You can now only downgrade several buildings at the same time by pressing the Alt key.
  • NPC islands: If a ship is now sent on a long journey to another region, you can also choose an NPC port as a destination.
  • New items: A whole range of new items are in the game, which harmonize in particular with the DLCs Travel Time and Roofs of the City.
  • Foldable UI: At the trading post you can now turn off the display of loading docks if you prefer to see more goods.
  • Camera: There are new options to adjust the sensitivity.
  • Bus Skins: You can now change the appearance of your buses at the bus stops. Of course, you need the Reisezeit DLC for this.
  • Highscore screen: You can now display your total score and compare it directly with other players. In case you need an even bigger incentive to optimize.

Different skins for buses can easily be exchanged at the bus stop after Update 12.

Fixes and improvements

In addition to these new features, some existing mechanics have also been optimized. Some of these also deal with the DLC. You can see a selection of these fixes and improvements here:

  • Upgrade-Exploit: It is no longer possible to upgrade buildings by increasing or decreasing the maximum number of inhabitants before all the necessary goods are available.
  • Improved calculation of maximum inhabitants: Items no longer give bonuses such as “10% additional residents” as an effect, but a fixed value. For example five. This is because skyscrapers have too many residents and the percentage has become too strong.
  • Explosion: Buildings from the DLC travel time no longer blow up as often.
  • Hotels: Tourists are now moving into free-standing hotels more quickly.
  • Speicherstadt: Corn can now be imported using the Speicherstadt.
  • Island list: If a ship is to go to a different region, the island selection is now alphabetical.
  • Multifabriken: Goods from multi-factories are now visible to everyone in the build menu. The factory can still change its production afterwards.
  • Music: Disaster music can now be switched off in the options.
  • Building: The Luminous Creatures, Bronze Age and Frozen sets affect buildings from Season 3.
  • Influence: Oil stores are now affected by the optimization influence bonus in the Old World and Cape Trelawney.
  • Bus stops: The stops can now be found in the statistics screen under “Infrastructure”.
  • Speicherstadt: Modules are displayed in the statistics screen under “Port”.
  • Tourists: The tourist population has been added to the “Population over time” diagram in the statistics screen.
  • AI opponents: You can now easily remove AI opponents during game preparation and play all by yourself.

Will you get back on Tuesday and start a new round of Anno 1800? Possibly with all DLCs? Write us in the comments!

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