A new update is pending for Anno 1800. As the developers at Ubisoft Mainz announce, work on patch 11.1 is in the final stages. They already mention a date in a current blog entry.

The update will be available for download from June 22nd. A time is not yet available, it is possible that Ubisoft Mainz will orient itself to the previous release times – and release the update on Tuesday around 6 p.m. on the relevant download platforms.

Solid information on the patch notes is not yet available. In the blog entry, Ubisoft Mainz also announces that the changelog will be released on the release day of Anno 1800 Update 11.1.

Only then do players find out which changes and innovations the update is making. Most recently, they had already indicated that the update primarily addresses bugs that players have been reporting since the release of the Reisezeit DLC.

According to this, it can happen that planted trees suddenly disappear again after loading the game. The user interface should also fail in some cases.

In addition, filtered notifications are not deleted correctly. “We are currently investigating these problems and will keep you informed about an upcoming game update,” write the developers. With the Reisezeit DLC, the developers also released Update 11, which, among other things, introduced a new game pace.

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