Update 11.1 is available for download for Anno 1800. As previously announced, Ubisoft Mainz released the new patch on Tuesday evening. The patch notes for the 1.76 gigabyte update are now available.

The highlights include support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, which combines the performance advantages of lower resolutions with the better image quality of higher resolutions. In addition, there are a number of optimizations and bug fixes for errors that were recently reported by the players.

This is how it should be after downloading the Anno 1800 Updates 11.1 no longer means that the research institute quest is not triggered if the main story for Land of Lions was rejected.

The developers are also fixing an issue that could cause the Iron Tower quest to be aborted if foundations were built on multiple islands and one of them was deleted. Furthermore, filtered notifications are to be automatically deleted from now on.

In the multiplayer mode in particular, the developers created a bug in the game world that allowed the introductory notes to only be active for one player in a multiplayer match.

In the Research Center menu, on the other hand, the developers fix a problem where items in development were shown as blocked. The Anno 1800 Update 11.1 is rounded off by updated translations and texts. You can find the full patch notes on the Anno 1800 website.

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