Anno 1800: Update 10.1 for download- These changes are in the patch

Anno 1800: Update 10.1 for download- These changes are in the patch

Update 10.1 for Anno 1800 has recently been available for download. At this point we want to send you the patch notes – and list the changes and innovations.

The main focus of the update is on corrections for errors that were reported after the release of the Speicherstadt DLC on February 23rd. As Ubisoft Mainz reports on the Anno website, an exploit has been fixed that caused the trader to restart trading if the jetty was deleted during trading.

Patch 10.1 also fixes a problem that prevented the fire and diseases from being resolved if they were already active when a saved game was loaded.

In addition, productivity should no longer decrease after the update download if the working radii of certain production buildings overlap. There are also bug fixes for triggering the “White Lady” quest multiple times and a stuck shark in the “White Lady” escort quest.

Furthermore, it should no longer happen that you don’t get a ship with resources in multiplayer mode when you reach Enbesa. A bug about ornaments not preserved in the latest Twitch Drops was also found with the Anno 1800 Fixed patch 10.1.

You can find many more articles on the building game on our topic page. Anno 1800 started season 3 with the Speicherstadt DLC. Two more DLCs for the building game are to be released by summer.

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