Anno 1800: New info about Speicherstadt DLC from Season 3 & Update 10

Anno 1800: New info about Speicherstadt DLC from Season 3 & Update 10

Blue Byte has introduced Season 3 for Anno 1800: The season expands the building game by three additional DLCs by summer

The first of the new DLCs is already imminent: The Speicherstadt DLC will be released on February 23. The unit price is 6.99 euros. If you buy Season Pass 3 for just under 20 euros, you will get access to all three upcoming DLCs.

In a current blog entry, the developers go into a little more detail on the Speicherstadt DLC, which focuses on the port area and trade on your island.

In order to convert your ports from Anno 1800 into centers for Handel, the DLC gives you access to the modular warehouse district.

Hamburg’s Speicherstadt served as a source of inspiration: “Like so many things in Anno, the Art Design of the Speicherstadt is something in between the buildings of the real world and that of Anno: In order for the individual components and their functions to be clearly recognizable, certain building characteristics had to be recognized are visually highlighted a little more than you will find in Hamburg,” explain the developers.

After you have unlocked and finally erected the main Speicherstadt building with 250 crafts, you can add a number of modules via the menu.

Blue Byte says: “Some of the modules are alternatives to existing buildings such as the harbor master’s office, the depot or the repair crane; however, they take up less space than their “normal” version. Others are new, such as the loading quay (reduces loading times) or that Export office (increases the number of active export/import contracts) “.

If you successfully export large quantities of goods, you can increase the limit of the modules available. You set up the modules in the port area, but they do not have to be placed directly next to each other, but can also stand individually.

However, if you prefer to combine them into a closed district, you will be rewarded with a bonus to the attractiveness of your island.

In the blog entry, Blue Byte goes into more detail about the import-export contracts

In the blog entry, the developers also go into the new export-import contracts for Anno 1800. Captain Morris is not only at your side as an advisor, but also serves as a flying trader.

Instead of buying or selling goods for money, you create export / import contracts “by choosing one good to export and one to import.”

The exchange ratio is based in part on the value of the goods. A ton of sewing machines is therefore worth more than a ton of fish.

“This opens up completely new strategies and, for example, allows you to specialize in certain goods and exchange them for goods that you do not produce enough of. Or you can even replace entire production chains with imports – the decision is yours”, adds Blue Byte.

If you build an export office, you can increase the number of import-export contracts that are active at the same time. You can read more gameplay details about the feature on the Anno website at this link.

New ornaments, including two different lighthouses, also come into play with the Speicherstadt DLC

The preview of the Speicherstadt DLC for Anno 1800 is rounded off with details on new ornaments. The expansion contains, among other things, two different lighthouses and “a lot of other ornaments for your harbor” – for both the Old and New World.

In addition, the free Update 10 is available as a download together with the DLC, which, according to Blue Byte, makes changes to the trade route menu and allows you to build your streets out into the port area.

Specific details on the patch notes will follow later this week.

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