Anno 1800: Activation of roofs of the city & Update 12 today- all information

Anno 1800: Activation of roofs of the city & Update 12 today- all information

For Anno 1800, new content is pending today: Ubisoft Mainz is releasing the roofs of the city DLC and the free Update 12 for download. A time for the activation is already available: Both add-ons and patches are available for the build-up game from 6 p.m.

Roofs of the City is the final expansion of Season 3 – the developers recently announced further plans for 2021. An overview of the features from the new Anno 1800 DLC is available at this link. The highlights include the skyscrapers that you can place in your city in the future.

In addition, players who also own other Anno 1800 DLCs receive an advantage: if you have purchased The Passage or Land of the Lions, for example, you will receive additional recipes for each shopping arcade.

A new monument is also included: Build the Skyline Tower on the roofs of the city as soon as you have built enough skyscrapers at level 5. Patch 12, which is available free of charge, also contains new features – and comes with a long list of bug fixes.

The new features include, for example, notifications about the arrival of ships: You can activate the notifications for ships that are sent to a destination in the same session. A multi-downgrade tool is also new. If you hold down the Alt key while upgrading, multiple buildings can be selected and downgraded.

To get in the mood for the activation of Roofs of the City and Update 12, you are currently clearing two free items on Twitch. To do this, you have to look over the shoulder of a participating streamer for three hours while playing the add-on. The Twitch Drop event runs until September 5th.

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