Through the Play Store, the Android operating system launches various software that will be very useful for your daily life or to spend hours of fun on your smartphone.

The Google store, many times changes the status of the charged applications so that they are totally free, with this formula they seek to attract more users to their platform and even seek to always be attentive to their requests.

One of the things that you have to take into account is the size of your smartphone’s memory, as well as it is proposed to analyze the properties of your phone in detail, since this will be vital so that you can add a large number of applications and video games free.

The Play Store offers a wide variety of software, which are designed for all audiences,  and which have a wide variety of functions.

Here at Tecno Game we will recommend some free software for this Friday, December 3, 2021.

  • Weapon War: a very strange game in which weapons are the most important in this game you must defeat others. . 
  • Crazy Halloween Puzzle : In this simple puzzle-like installment, ingenuity and creativity are the keynote of this game from the party held in October.
  • Expense control: Calculate your expenses with this incredible application.
  • Calculator Pro: This calculator will offer you more options than those that come by default in Android.
  • Temperature Converter Pro: With this app you can calculate the different types of temperature that exist.
  • You are Hope:  In this title you will have to survive and rebuild a civilization throughout new generations.

Great applications like this are found on  Google Play,  which always launches free or discounted platforms without prior notice, so you will have to constantly check the app. You can only download these offers on the Android platform.

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