Anders Vejrgang got Harry banned from EA for

Anders Vejrgang got Harry banned from EA for “Your Mother” Joke

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Globe Live Media, Monday, January 25, 2021

Anders Vejrgang

By now, just about anyone with even the slightest interest in the FIFA scene should have heard of Anders Vejrgang. The 14-year-old gamer is currently considered the greatest child prodigy in FIFA history and is currently on a streak of 450-0 undefeated matches.

Although the Dane, who is under contract with the gaming department of RB Leipzig, is officially not even allowed to take part in tournaments, he even shoots the best FIFA players in the world. He already beat the current world champion when his winning streak was under 200 games. A world career as a professional gamer is already predicted for him.

Harry Hesketh

Now the young Anders is involved in a rather unsightly story that cost another FIFA professional his career. Anders Vejrgang and Harry Hesketh played a game against each other in FUT on December 12, 2020. Anders also won this game 11-0. Because he also scored a goal with his goalkeeper, Harry Hesketh’s community attacked the young player.

So after the game, Harry asked his community not to have the 14-year-old for it. However, he made a side note in which he said that while Anders had fast fingers, he had longer fingers, which he referred to the mother of the young FIFA professional. For this joke he apologized to Anders and his mother:

“And after it when we were talking about his reaction and stuff I made one distasteful comment, right. I said something like his fingers might be quick, but mine were longer and I made a reference to his mother.

And I know that a UK base is going to be like, well it’s a mum joke, who hasn’t made a mum joke‘ and try to defend me but don’t defend me. At the end of the day, he is 14, it’s a distasteful comment and so for that, I apologise directly to Anders and his mother.”


That should have settled the matter. A failed joke against a 14-year-old who could be taken out of the world with other people. But EA was forced to intervene anyway and punish Harry for his joke. Because he had been warned before, he was banned from the European Qualifier in early February.

Harry then stated in a video that he was ending his professional career as a Fifa player. He could no longer stand behind the game due to EA’s double standards and was taking a great risk with this step as he would lose his main source of income.

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