Amouranth, his OnlyFans was hacked, at risk $ 1 million still in the account

Amouranth’s OnlyFans was hacked, $1 million at risk

Amouranth is the most popular female streamer in the world to date, and owes much of her success to OnlyFans, given that the content she periodically publishes on this famous platform is making her even earn over a million dollars per month.

Amouranth fell victim to a new accident

In fact, to understand the extent of the amazing success achieved by the girl, the twenty-eight-year-old American earned only from OnlyFans beyond $ 33 million dollars over the years, with the massive mountain of money obviously increasing month after month of activity.

But despite this indisputable success Amouranth enjoys, we report in this article a new incident suffered by the streamer in the late night of 12 October when a hacker violated her account to try and steal a large sum that the content creator had set aside.

Then through a post on Twitter, the girl revealed that her OnlyFans account with a balance of $ 900.000 not yet picked up, it was hacked by a hacker, obviously intent on stealing a large sum of money from her.

Here is the statement of Amouranth:

“So my main OF account to which I had a balance of $ 900,000 not yet withdrawn was hacked last night. This is the notice I got on my computer after they tried to add their banking information.”

Fortunately for the streamer, the hacker was unable to change her banking information to his own as he was unable to verify it. That said, the hacker in question appears to have been quite capable, since Amouranth claimed to have activated the two-factor authentication which, however, did not prevent the attacker from acting.

Amouranth went on to explain that the only reason she had $900.000 remained in her account was due to the settings, since it is possible to “withdraw only at a certain frequency / volume of money” from your OnlyFans account.

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